Spiky Black Cat would not exist without its supportrters
and believers. Those of note include:

Adrian Snow
- for helpi
ng me in releasing Einsteifen's
Casting the Circle.
Steve Sexton (THP) - providing support for
Spiky Black Cat in the early years, offering funding when
Spiky Black Cat had none, opening Spiky Black Cat to
the underground dance scene, extensive crew work and
completing the never-ending Sucker[p]unch artwork.

Mishka Edmonstone - showing organisation, administration,
accounting and helping turn Spiky Black Cat from an idea
into reality.
Rob Barnett (MSB) - for his crew and lighting work,
offering funding when Spiky Black Cat had none, and general support.
Kyrian ( Ore.Org)
- providing Spiky Black Cat with its web space
and active promotion, Julie Weir (Visible Noise) - for her advice
when we were getting started. Pete Brown (Philia Studios),
Dan Pope (State of Decay), Greg Brimson & Andy Bruce
for helping us when we started despite not being just a goth label

Romek would like to thank the following companies for
supporting him whilst setting up and running
Spiky Black Cat Records:

Julian and Eleanor and all who work with me at Telnic,
Adrian and Phil and all who worked with me at Atlas Internet,
Mark Wilce and all who worked with me at Symbian,
Bob Carter and all who worked with me at De La Rue,
especially those at InterClear, Susanna and Liza, Big Rob,
Nikki Gibbs, Italian Phil, Dylan and Scott, Mike Prior, DJ Rex, Tig,
Phil Huggins, Declan, Shane and Ian in Norwich, The City Road mob,
Frankenstein the Spiky Black Cat and all our bands for being so
patient and believing in this working!